Thursday, September 17, 2009

48 hours

in only two days i will be mrs. lisa dawnelle kieffer heaner.

yes. and amen.

we will miss (so very much) those of you that can't make it. you are in our thoughts.

and for the rest of you... we're so looking forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

dotting the t's and crossing the i's

only ten days left. i'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that spectacular fact. maybe i don't need to wrap my brain around it so much as i ought to just ride the wave.

i've completed just about everything that can possibly be completed ahead of time. still working on the programs. sewing up a few loose ends (literally + figuratively).

i had my "wedding hair trial" the other day with the always fabulous briana. we darkened my hair just a touch + came up with some truly amazing ideas (i didn't know you could DO that with hair in general, much less my hair in specific). i love briana. she's a hair ninja + a fantastically fun individual.

the family tree is finished, as is the "guestbook." we've got costumes galore for the photobooth (though i am still looking for a remote shutter button -- i'm so out of it, i can't even remember the real name of the thing). board games - check. books - check. a mind-boggling array of bud vases, mason jars, votive holders, lanterns, hurricanes, teacups and candles - check. myriad friends baking up all kinds of yumminess - check, check + check.

last saturday, some of the wedding warriors and i set out for the lyndale farmer's market with one objective: pick out the flowers + get them ordered. little did i know how complicated this seemingly insignificant task would prove. abbey, robbie and kari were amazing, though (no surprise there), and we came up with the most beautiful ideas. let me be the first to say: if you can possibly get away with it, buy all your wedding flowers at the farmer's market. we picked out everything we wanted... no scrimping whatsoever + the total was still surprisingly low. i can't wait to see how everything turns out. i have such amazing friends.

OH! i can't believe i forgot to mention this: tim started his new (old) job on tuesday. he was promptly dispatched on a three-day trip to fargo, minot + several other points west. it's a little silly to me that i can spend so much time with the guy but still instantly miss him the moment he's gone. anyway... he has a job. a good one. thank you, God, for your provision + timing!

on sunday we sat down with mike spencer, who will be performing the ceremony, and wrote out the whole service. every single word. well, you know... with the exception of the homily + the charge to the couple. mike has to (i mean, GETS to) come up with that on his own. it was such fun working on our vows. after we had pieced them all together, i asked tim to read them back to me so i could copy them down in one spot. of course, i started just crying. every single word is so chock full of meaning. not only that, but i honestly mean every single word with every cell in my body. it's not like, "yeah... i guess i can agree with that." it's like, "HECK YES! HECK YES! HECK YES!" no holds barred. no shrinking uncertainty. just joy + excitement + hope + peace.

yes, i'm finally beginning to think that everything might just fall into place... yes. yes, indeed.