Friday, April 22, 2011

best laid plans...

well, you know what they say. even the best laid plans go awry. or something like that.

the house closing got moved back another week. we're looking at closing on may 5th now. which really isn't so bad.

we have flexible and totally amazing landlords (if you're looking for a lovely one-bedroom, ours will be available soon. you know... god willing and the creek don't rise).

we have friends who are willing to roll with the punches with us (or at least rearrange their calendars yet again to help us move).

we have a rocking realtor who keeps us informed, even when she doesn't have answers for us (if you're looking to buy or sell a house, whitney kieffer is the way to go).

and now we have waaay more time to pack and clean and prepare. the moving date has been reset to may 15 (she said, knocking on wood).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

reality sets in

it's official. our apartment is a mess. there are boxes everywhere. granted, they're packed boxes -- which is really what we're going for here. but still. we've done something to get ready to move (more like 80 things) every day, just to keep the proverbial ball rolling. and last night, tim-the-wonderful finished packing and cleaning the basement! it looks fantastic and was so much work. it was so lovely to come home after work and class and see that we were still making progress.

the other day, before the boxes had started to overtake every walking space, i took a little video of our first home together. maybe i'll post that at some point in the future for those of you who never got to visit our cozy place.

it's bittersweet. leaving. starting a new chapter together. owning something as massive as a house. becoming adults. it's exciting and frightening and a bit of a blur. but i'm starting to feel like, hey, this is actually going to happen.

one of the weirdest things about this whole process has been that we've had to stay ready for change at a moment's notice. frankly, that's made the past few months a tad stressful. we're never sure whether we're in for another long delay or a frenetic few hours of trying to get massive amounts of obscure paperwork together.

we had a visit with our midwife last week. she asked us how we were coping with the moving/house buying stress... whether we were fighting a lot or more cranky with each other... and the happy truth is that even though this has been a stressful time, we're doing really well. in fact, we are closer than ever before. rather than pushing us apart, all the change and the intensity has brought a peculiar (wonderfully peculiar) unity between the two of us. i'm guessing that has something to do with grace. and God's faithfulness.

but i'm just guessing.

(if you are dying to use your biceps (and proper lifting techniques), we'll be moving on saturday, april 30. pretty, pretty please let me know if you're coming so i can make sure to have enough food. i hate not having enough food. email

Thursday, April 14, 2011

moving (possibly) quickly.

hello, friends. meet our house. house, meet our friends. aren't you happy to know each other? things are moving quickly. or it seems that way, now. after months of uncertainty and set-backs, it looks like we'll be closing on our little house on april 28th afterall. we are excited. and packing like crazy. (wanna help?)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

no answers... yet.

i think the universe is trying to teach me something...

something annoying...

like patience.

we had our ultrasound on april fool's day.

and the joke was on us.

little baby heaner kept its legs crossed

for almost 45 minutes.

the ONE time they were uncrossed,

baby made sure a hand was there to keep the privates private.

little stinker.

so, we're in for another surprise (among many, i'm sure).

honestly, i was pretty disappointed to begin with.

but now i'm feeling a little better.

it will be fun to be surprised.

and it's not like we had any specific plans for

prepping the nursery or anything...

speaking of our future home...

we also had our house inspection on april fool's day.

turns out the joke was on us again.

the house had been winterized, but we noticed an icicle

on one of the basement pipes when we first looked at the house.

we notified the plumber.

he came out on friday and fixed those pipes

before de-winterizing the whole house.


a pipe in the upstairs bathroom had also frozen.

when the plumber turned on the water main,

niagara falls appeared in the front main floor bedroom.

luckily, the plumber and inspector caught it quickly

and got a mop in there.

so there was no damage to the wood floor.

the ceiling is a loss, though.

and this puts our closing date even further off.

please pray that we'll have wisdom about this house.

we don't want to be stubborn or miss God's will for us.

but we really do love this house.

and it's such a fantastic deal.

so... we're waiting.

and learning to be patient.

and content in all circumstances.

(at least... that's the goal here.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

kind of a big day

today is kind of a big day.

we've got our ultrasound at noon today.

i know, i know...

it was silly to plan an ultrasound to discover

the gender of our child on april fool's day.

but so it goes.

hopefully, we have an un-shy, immodest child.

i dreamt last night that it was a boy.

there's been a bit of scrambling since we found out that

we had verbal approval on the sale of our house.

we got all the paperwork together,

and are breathing a big sigh of relief that

THAT part, at least, is done.

we're hanging on to each other

and trusting that our God knows what we need

better than we do.

then tonight, we have our house inspection.

if all goes as planned, we could be in our new home by

april 29th!

big stuff, people. big stuff.