Friday, April 1, 2011

kind of a big day

today is kind of a big day.

we've got our ultrasound at noon today.

i know, i know...

it was silly to plan an ultrasound to discover

the gender of our child on april fool's day.

but so it goes.

hopefully, we have an un-shy, immodest child.

i dreamt last night that it was a boy.

there's been a bit of scrambling since we found out that

we had verbal approval on the sale of our house.

we got all the paperwork together,

and are breathing a big sigh of relief that

THAT part, at least, is done.

we're hanging on to each other

and trusting that our God knows what we need

better than we do.

then tonight, we have our house inspection.

if all goes as planned, we could be in our new home by

april 29th!

big stuff, people. big stuff.

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