Thursday, April 7, 2011

no answers... yet.

i think the universe is trying to teach me something...

something annoying...

like patience.

we had our ultrasound on april fool's day.

and the joke was on us.

little baby heaner kept its legs crossed

for almost 45 minutes.

the ONE time they were uncrossed,

baby made sure a hand was there to keep the privates private.

little stinker.

so, we're in for another surprise (among many, i'm sure).

honestly, i was pretty disappointed to begin with.

but now i'm feeling a little better.

it will be fun to be surprised.

and it's not like we had any specific plans for

prepping the nursery or anything...

speaking of our future home...

we also had our house inspection on april fool's day.

turns out the joke was on us again.

the house had been winterized, but we noticed an icicle

on one of the basement pipes when we first looked at the house.

we notified the plumber.

he came out on friday and fixed those pipes

before de-winterizing the whole house.


a pipe in the upstairs bathroom had also frozen.

when the plumber turned on the water main,

niagara falls appeared in the front main floor bedroom.

luckily, the plumber and inspector caught it quickly

and got a mop in there.

so there was no damage to the wood floor.

the ceiling is a loss, though.

and this puts our closing date even further off.

please pray that we'll have wisdom about this house.

we don't want to be stubborn or miss God's will for us.

but we really do love this house.

and it's such a fantastic deal.

so... we're waiting.

and learning to be patient.

and content in all circumstances.

(at least... that's the goal here.)


  1. Sorry Lisa! But I'm sure your little one is a girl. ;) You are both in my thoughts and prayers. kisses.

  2. Uni-gendered baby clothes on the way!

    love cousin livvy