Saturday, June 27, 2009

Those pictures I promised

I am a poor blogger. But I have pulled myself up by the bootstraps to bring you these photos.
This is the book which held the ring when I proposed to Lisa. It took a lot of work to write in and design and create the cover. I don't have much else to say. The photos speak for themselves. The other picture is Lisa wearing the ring.

The book. I designed and burned the cover.

A view of the binding

The place for the ring which I cut out.

Lisa wearing the ring!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


i just stole a glance at the countdown calendar + realized... *gasp* i only have 92 days left!

i felt the following emotions upon said realization in the following order:
  1. excitement -- i get to marry my favorite person on the planet in approximately three months!!! i never have to say goodnight to him + watch him drive away again. i get to see him every morning when i wake up. i get to make a home -- a real, honest-to-goodness home -- with someone (not just anyone... but MY someone).
  2. fear -- i will be getting married. marriage is a BIG DEAL. (no... really?)
  3. panic -- are the plans for the wedding sufficiently under way? am i missing something? have i got all my bases covered? i just really, really don't want anyone left holding the proverbial bag. i want everyone (me + tim included) to enjoy the day + be entirely relaxed.
  4. peace -- i know that i know that this is the right person, the right time, the right place. i love him completely. i am loved unabashedly in return. and the wedding? well, it's just a party. it's going to be great.

breathe, lisa. just breathe.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

is there really anything better?

last night i got together with some of my favorite ladies on the planet for good food, wine, chocolate + an abundance of laughter, honesty + brainstorming.

robbie had the camera, so i don't have any pictures of her from last night. but i found a really cute (+ quitessentially robbie) picture on her facebook so that you could all bask in the radiance. :)

so stinkin' cute, robbie!

abbey, fresh from france,
shows us how to
enjoy every moment to the fullest
and still look delightfully sophisticated

kari has some serious
dessert building skills...
not to mention one of the driest
+ most wonderful senses of humor

wine+good company = happy lisa

Friday, June 5, 2009

a little help, ladies...

okay, girlfriends... time to voice your opinions. i'm stumped on choosing a hairstyle for the wedding. i realize i've got some time before i need to make the decision. but i just got my hair cut (yay, briana!) + so the hair thing was on the brain.

i guess i'd be open to guys' opinions, too. i'm just betting, though, that not all that many guys read this blog. or, if they DO, would care to comment on how i should do my hair.

anyhow... i've found some pics of hair ideas that i like. feel free to comment or post pics of your own. i need help -- on oh, so many levels -- haha. if seeing the dress would help, i can send you pics of me in it.

i like the idea of wearing my hair down, since the dress is strapless. but i'm not addicted to the idea. i think i would prefer to have it off my face for the most part, so the idea of wearing it half-up appeals to me. i'm thinking i want a cathedral veil, with really simple fabric (so it won't distract from the dress). i'm not into tiaras at all. at all. my hair is naturally wavy. it's also very thick, so by the end of the day, it's usually pretty straight because the weight of the hair pulls out the wave. i don't want anything super high maintenance or with lots of hair spray. i want it to look soft and natural (if possible).

okay... so, here goes...

i like the little bits of bling in the hair.
i often wear my hair pulled off my face this way.
i like how innocent + organic this style looks.

not so much the 'do as the color.
i'm thinking i'd like to darken my hair a few shades
+ i love this color with the reddish highlights.

i like the little braids.
not too many of them...
but i'm into texture.

this is a lot more "done" than the other styles,
but i like the piece-y-ness
mixed with the smooth bangs.
the veil is really close to what i was thinking.

i think this is gorgeous...
again, it's the sleekness
mixed with the texture that appeals to me.

aside from the fact that her face looks like
she's getting her mugshot,
i think this is a gorgeous idea.
side-swept bangs, and a little messy in back
with bands of silver just behind the bangs.
(i'd use gold or champagne colored bands)
summer beach hair.

so, the longer part of the hair is a little "done"
for my taste,
but i adore the use of very loose braids.

okay... so that's what i've got. now, let's hear what you've got!