Friday, June 5, 2009

a little help, ladies...

okay, girlfriends... time to voice your opinions. i'm stumped on choosing a hairstyle for the wedding. i realize i've got some time before i need to make the decision. but i just got my hair cut (yay, briana!) + so the hair thing was on the brain.

i guess i'd be open to guys' opinions, too. i'm just betting, though, that not all that many guys read this blog. or, if they DO, would care to comment on how i should do my hair.

anyhow... i've found some pics of hair ideas that i like. feel free to comment or post pics of your own. i need help -- on oh, so many levels -- haha. if seeing the dress would help, i can send you pics of me in it.

i like the idea of wearing my hair down, since the dress is strapless. but i'm not addicted to the idea. i think i would prefer to have it off my face for the most part, so the idea of wearing it half-up appeals to me. i'm thinking i want a cathedral veil, with really simple fabric (so it won't distract from the dress). i'm not into tiaras at all. at all. my hair is naturally wavy. it's also very thick, so by the end of the day, it's usually pretty straight because the weight of the hair pulls out the wave. i don't want anything super high maintenance or with lots of hair spray. i want it to look soft and natural (if possible).

okay... so, here goes...

i like the little bits of bling in the hair.
i often wear my hair pulled off my face this way.
i like how innocent + organic this style looks.

not so much the 'do as the color.
i'm thinking i'd like to darken my hair a few shades
+ i love this color with the reddish highlights.

i like the little braids.
not too many of them...
but i'm into texture.

this is a lot more "done" than the other styles,
but i like the piece-y-ness
mixed with the smooth bangs.
the veil is really close to what i was thinking.

i think this is gorgeous...
again, it's the sleekness
mixed with the texture that appeals to me.

aside from the fact that her face looks like
she's getting her mugshot,
i think this is a gorgeous idea.
side-swept bangs, and a little messy in back
with bands of silver just behind the bangs.
(i'd use gold or champagne colored bands)
summer beach hair.

so, the longer part of the hair is a little "done"
for my taste,
but i adore the use of very loose braids.

okay... so that's what i've got. now, let's hear what you've got!


  1. I like the blake lively Hair style. It will be beautiful

  2. Yay! SO I think that a combination of these would look fabulous! Def love the idea of bling in your hair. I love the look of hair (somewhat) down and free-flowing, I would for sure put a few braids in there... The 4th pic down looks fab!
    Cannot wait to see what you choose, no matter though, you have great hair, it will look good :)

  3. Hi Lisa!
    I think that you should do something like the last photo. It'll look beautimous (is that a word?) from the back...where most people will be staring at you for a large part of the ceremony and it will be out of your face so you want have to keep pushing it out of the way...out of your make-up...out of your tears of joy...etc. :) That's my vote!

  4. Love the braids and the 6th picture (the bun, dare I call it that?). What if you did a mix of the two? Have little braids and have it pulled back? I also love the last photo. Wow, what a hard decision! Ok, my final say is the last photo! I think that would actually look gorgeous.

  5. With a good curling iron (which I'm sure your stylist has), you'll be suprised how long wavy curls will say in. Mine were super springy all night and the next day and I told her my hair doesn't hold curl. Be optomistic! She'll make anything work for your day.

  6. the first and last are my favorites. Simply beautiful, but I also like the one that is a wedding pic too. I'm certain you will radiate beauty no matter which you choose!

  7. I can't speak technically or specifically, but doing it in a way that you won't have to spend any emotional energy worrying about it, maintaining it, or 'undoing' during your big day, would be my advice.

  8. Lisa! Totally the first one or the last one. I like the hair down with the pull-back and cool braids or barrettes. I love you!
    Love Livvy

  9. I like the loose braids that echo your dress, but with some of the messy curls.
    Your hair looks lovely no matter what you do with it!

  10. Lisa, your gorgeous, thick hair looks great any way.
    I like the one from the back, layers folded into each other (#6 from the top).

    Truly great to see you and Tim again. You are a lovey in-love couple.
    Aunt Linda

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  12. Lisa, you are beautiful no matter how you wear your hair. I do want to weigh in on the braids though. They look so you!!!