Saturday, June 27, 2009

Those pictures I promised

I am a poor blogger. But I have pulled myself up by the bootstraps to bring you these photos.
This is the book which held the ring when I proposed to Lisa. It took a lot of work to write in and design and create the cover. I don't have much else to say. The photos speak for themselves. The other picture is Lisa wearing the ring.

The book. I designed and burned the cover.

A view of the binding

The place for the ring which I cut out.

Lisa wearing the ring!!!

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  1. Wow what a love story! It's been so much fun hearing all the updates on your love story from my mom Tim! So excited for you guys! My mom said that the shower was so special, and someday it will be a true honor to meet you Lisa! Wow God is good, and to be so blessed with this union and that journal is so special! I loved seeing the ring space that was cut out for the proposal, very creative! Can't wait to see what other creative things he does for your anniversarys! no preassure Tim!! HAHA

    I can officially say that I have known Tim since he was a little kid! Wow and that officially makes me feel older! haha

    Joy Wheatley-Beckman