Thursday, June 11, 2009

is there really anything better?

last night i got together with some of my favorite ladies on the planet for good food, wine, chocolate + an abundance of laughter, honesty + brainstorming.

robbie had the camera, so i don't have any pictures of her from last night. but i found a really cute (+ quitessentially robbie) picture on her facebook so that you could all bask in the radiance. :)

so stinkin' cute, robbie!

abbey, fresh from france,
shows us how to
enjoy every moment to the fullest
and still look delightfully sophisticated

kari has some serious
dessert building skills...
not to mention one of the driest
+ most wonderful senses of humor

wine+good company = happy lisa


  1. did you get glasses?? if so, they are adorable on you!

    - rach

  2. wine, chocolate and good friends, does life get better? Oh how I miss those days! Mine are a little more scattered since having kids, but even more appreciated when they happen. Love you!