Friday, October 23, 2009

over the moon: our honeymoon in hawaii (part one)

day one on molokai...

we were literally the only people on this two-mile beach
on the far west end of molokai

a little windblown, but loving it

tim thinks this looks like a verizon ad

can you see the little yellow + black striped fish?
they were everywhere in the tide pools

super old, gnarled trees in the park
that bordered the two-mile-long beach

the halawa valley river ends in the ocean here
on the extreme east end of molokai
this is looking out toward the ocean
halawa valley -- looking up toward the mountains

my husband, flaunting his pectorals
at the halawa inlet

it's so green + gorgeous there

the view from our condo's balcony

the kalaupapa peninsula
the amazingly weird + ancient-feeling forest
up near the kalaupapa overlook

you can't even tell where the ocean ends + the sky begins

looking down a sheer cliff to the black sand beach

on the mountain top

kalaupapa overlook
we went out to the overlook twice in one week
and must've taken about three thousand pictures there
sitting on the wall at the overlook

the phallic rock
yes, we were there.
we went ocean kayaking + snorkeling
this is lisa about to disappear into a mangrove tunnel

the mangrove tunnel -- it was spooky + totally amazing

resting in the shade of the ancient fish pond

we happened to be there for the annual
women's outrigger race from molokai to oahu
women come from all over the world
to row 40 miles of the most treacherous spans of open ocean on the planet
we got up way early to drive to the far side of the island
to see the start of the race
this is taken at the harbor where the race started

a panoramic view of the harbor

it was way fun climbing around on all the lava rocks,
exploring the tide pools,
searching for sea glass... we could have stayed all day!

Monday, October 19, 2009

10.19.09 = one month!

it's been a blissful month. tim + i were talking last night about how being married doesn't seem unnatural at all. it feels like (almost) nothing changed, because the transitions from singlehood, to dating, to engagement, to marriage have been so timely... so right.

anyhow, i thought it was time to post some photos from the wedding. these were all taken by my dear friend, kim howe. she + her husband live in chicago. kim + i have been friends since high school + it made the day feel so much more complete to have her there, sharing in it with us.

if you were at the wedding + took pictures, we would LOVE to see them. please email them to we'd so appreciate it!

tim + honor corps member, bud cushing

walking in to the church + looking quite handsome

the hair + beauty ninja, briana stone

she gives fantastic hair treatments at

euphoria salon in st. paul

i'm so not the photogenic type

mama k, kim k + mama roth, laughing it up

mom heaner in the background, waiting her turn with the hair ninja

the prettier half of our pro-photographer team

tamrah ryan

check out their work at

me + my pretty mama

she looked so fantastic because she IS so fantastic (and hot!)

the programs
they look like letters because tim + i have written so many to each other over the course of our relationship

the confetti was made from antique magazines + construction manuals

the birds were made from antique sheet music
that originally belonged to lisa's aunt whitney's mother
(her name was hayden)
the door + window were salvaged from old building
originally, tim was going to build a chuppah
it's a jewish wedding element that is meant to signify
God's covering over the couple
the home that they will build together
the four open walls of the chuppah
signify the couple welcoming others into their love
and inviting them under the covering of God
we didn't have time to build one... so the window + door are a stand-in
the communion table
the two books are the one tim used to propose to me
and an old leather-bound volume of poetry
that we found on one of our bookshop haunts
the flowers are three different varieties of cosmos, my favorite flower
tim planted, tended them + picked these for me on our wedding day
honor corps members + sisters
kimberly kieffer
melody oaks
so pretty. and this photo is just way too typical of them!
honor corps members
melody oaks
bridgitte showell
again... with the gorgeousness
this is the breathless bride, waiting to walk down the aisle
from this point, everything was a beautiful, joy-infused blur

walking to meet The One

mom + dad met me at the end of the aisle
mom lifted my poorly-attached drop veil and...

off it came!
we had a good laugh... i'm not sure that anyone else even saw what happened.

taking a moment to take in
all the faces of our loved ones.
we are so lucky!
tim + i (with the help of mike, the pastor)
wrote every single word of the service
(except the pastor's charge to us + when he went "off script")
even the repeat-after-the-pastor vows
every single moment of that day was so full of meaning
this was part of that "off script" moment...
and, in my mind,
one of the most significant parts of the ceremony
i cry every time i think about it.

the ring

the kiss

SO happy.

cheesy married grins

man + wife!

costumes for the photo booth

one of the many board games available for our guests

flower arrangements by wedding warriors
abbey von gohren
robbie lewis
kari holmes
table arrangements by wedding warrior
rachel cushing
all the books, vases + candle holders were purchased
at thrift stores, yard sales or borrowed from friends

part of the dessert buffet
because what's a wedding without tootsie pops?

our "guestbook"
guests were asked to put a pin (with a little note)
in a spot that was special to them
we'll have the pinned-up version hanging in our living room.
all the notes will be pasted into our wedding album

the photo family tree
five generations of our history

the wedding favors were mix cd's
tim + i made about a jillion of these for each other while he was living in ohio
we thought we'd pass along some of the music we like best
the long hallway from the sanctuary to the reception hall
lined with borrowed mason jars that served as luminaries

it was a perfect evening.