Monday, October 5, 2009

wedding rehearsal

so, we're back from our honeymoon + loving the newlywed life. thought it was time to post some photos + details from our wedding. we'll do this chronologically. hopefully...

the party... with tim's brother, jonathan not pictured
(left to right)
kimberly kieffer
melody oaks
bridgitte showell
lisa kieffer
michael spencer
timothy heaner
timothy doran
nathaniel 'bud' cushing
jonathan heaner (not shown)
lisa's paternal grandpa, clyde kieffer

pastor, mentor, friend, officiant: mike spencer
(lisa's all-too-giddy face... is this seriously happening?)

honor corps members
melody kieffer oaks (lisa's sister)
bridgitte showell (lisa's friend-sister-friend)
honor corps member + lisa's sister, melody oaks

practicing the kissy face

honor corps member + lisa's sister, kimberly kieffer
and lisa's paternal grandma, jeanne 'nana' kools kieffer

tim's maternal grandparents
ruth indorf joyce + lawrence 'larry' joyce

lisa's mom, ann meadows kieffer
and lisa's paternal grandma, jeanne 'nana' kieffer

lisa's dad's wife, elle

tim's mom, linda heaner
and lisa's personal attendant extraordinaire, rachel cushing

tim's dad, mark heaner
and mark's wife, kathy heaner


  1. I saw your wedding photos! And they were amazing! Lisa, you looked simply stunning... Congrats!!

  2. Awesome!!!!!! I am so happy for THE HEANERS!!!!
    Love Livvy

  3. HOLLER! I like the Heaners - doo dah doo dah!