Thursday, October 15, 2009

being married

yeah... it pretty much rocks. i was emailing with my sister, melody, the other day. she asked me how it was being a newlywed. this was my response:

newlywed-dom is heaven, mel. i just teared up. gosh... so sappy!

but good Lord, i did not know it could be like this. i'm so grateful. so amazed. so breath-taken with God's kindness. so in love. so loved. i can hardly believe this is ME. this is MY LIFE.

last night, we stayed home + did laundry + worked on putting things away + watched episodes of lost intermittently. we laughed + talked + laughed some more. we fell asleep in each others' arms. i am SO happy.

we went to saturday night service at the church we've been visiting. it was a decent service... but the thing that blew me away was how close i felt to God + tim at the same time. it was so intense that i'm not even sure i can describe it. it was like i could feel God loving me + tim loving me + God loving me through tim. it was almost overwhelming. but so whole + peaceful too. at one point during the music/worship time, tim took my hand + looked down at me. and the look he gave me said, "i know what you're feeling. i'm feeling it too." and we just started crying.

i know it probably sounds really overly-emotional + dumb. but it was real. and i'm still sort of shaking my head over the whole thing. becoming one with Christ and with one another is so incredible + terrifying + so deeply, deeply good.

yes. i am in heaven on earth. which isn't to say that everything is perfect... it's not. we're not. but He is. and somehow, in His grace, that's enough.

also, i just wanted to say that we got the best photographers in the whole. wide. world.

cory + tamrah were nothing short of amazing from beginning to end.

i was going to try to post some of their work on the blog, but i couldn't get the images to translate to blogger... i'm far from savvy when it comes to these things. ANYhow... check out their blog site:

and even if you don't want to look at pictures of us... visit their blog. they are SO talented. we will be using them to photograph every special occasion until they decide to retire. we are HUGE fans.


  1. Dearest Lisa,

    I am so incredibly happy for you and Tim! The first week of being married to Isaac was one of the happiest weeks of my whole life. (It still is wonderfully happy!) The mystery and joy of marriage is so beautiful it is almost indescribable. I love you guys so much!! Keep posting on here!
    Love Livvy

  2. Lisa,
    Your pictures are amazing!!! You look so beautiful. Congrats to you and Tim!!!