Friday, October 23, 2009

over the moon: our honeymoon in hawaii (part one)

day one on molokai...

we were literally the only people on this two-mile beach
on the far west end of molokai

a little windblown, but loving it

tim thinks this looks like a verizon ad

can you see the little yellow + black striped fish?
they were everywhere in the tide pools

super old, gnarled trees in the park
that bordered the two-mile-long beach

the halawa valley river ends in the ocean here
on the extreme east end of molokai
this is looking out toward the ocean
halawa valley -- looking up toward the mountains

my husband, flaunting his pectorals
at the halawa inlet

it's so green + gorgeous there

the view from our condo's balcony

the kalaupapa peninsula
the amazingly weird + ancient-feeling forest
up near the kalaupapa overlook

you can't even tell where the ocean ends + the sky begins

looking down a sheer cliff to the black sand beach

on the mountain top

kalaupapa overlook
we went out to the overlook twice in one week
and must've taken about three thousand pictures there
sitting on the wall at the overlook

the phallic rock
yes, we were there.
we went ocean kayaking + snorkeling
this is lisa about to disappear into a mangrove tunnel

the mangrove tunnel -- it was spooky + totally amazing

resting in the shade of the ancient fish pond

we happened to be there for the annual
women's outrigger race from molokai to oahu
women come from all over the world
to row 40 miles of the most treacherous spans of open ocean on the planet
we got up way early to drive to the far side of the island
to see the start of the race
this is taken at the harbor where the race started

a panoramic view of the harbor

it was way fun climbing around on all the lava rocks,
exploring the tide pools,
searching for sea glass... we could have stayed all day!

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