Wednesday, February 23, 2011

teeny tiny update

we had our first visit with a midwife last monday. she was fantastic. and we got to hear our little one's heartbeat. i cried. tim grinned. the midwife smiled knowingly at us. it was perfect. tim was even able to record the heartbeat on his phone. we'll try to post it here if we can figure out how to be techies.

then we got some disappointing news: the healtheast midwives (and st. joseph's hospital) don't allow VBACs. our midwife suggested that we connect with the generations midwives (who DO follow VBAC patients) and st. john's hospital (which also allows VBACs). so i did. no luck. they're not taking any more deliveries in august and there isn't a waiting list.
i was devastated. so i contacted our birthing class instructor and she had some suggestions for us. we're going to pursue home birth. (!) i am really excited about this possibility, since it's what i've wanted to do from the get-go. i was discouraged from attempting a home birth by my medical doctor because she said i was too old -- but i'll only be 33 and i'm in good health. so... we're going to meet with this midwife in our home and see what she says. i'll keep you posted. keep your fingers crossed with us!

in other news...

tim is 29 today. last year of his twenties.

to celebrate, i surprised him with a trip to benihana. some friends met us there to surprise tim, as well. we had a great time and ate way too much yummy food.

then we went to see "the fighter." very good movie. it was a fun day. i'm building him a cake for his actual birthday. something scrumptious and decadent. i love celebrating this man. he is the joy of my life and i am the luckiest women on the planet.

happy birthday, timothy. i love you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the waiting begins

we put in an offer on a house last week... i know, right?!?
we were pretty excited about the whole thing.
only our second time out looking and we found
this phenomenal house for a ridiculously low price.
so, we went for it.
it's a short sale.
and now that the sellers have signed off on the deal,
we're just waiting to hear from the bank. i've heard rumors that this process can take months.
so we're trying not to hold our collective breath.
but our fingers are definitely crossed (maybe our toes, too).
we'll keep you posted!