Monday, October 10, 2011

the village

i know it's a cliche... a vociferously overused one at that... but parenting really does take a village.

a few weeks ago we had a visit with our amazing midwives and one of them remarked on how lucky little adeline is. she said, "in her whole life, the only hands that have touched her have been those of people who love her." not very many people can say that. and it is certainly true for adeline. what a wonder!

every single day i look at this impossibly beautiful child and i think to myself, "there's a whole world, right there, contained in that little body." when she smiles and coos at the ceiling fan or the starkly patterned table cloth or the faces of her parents, my heart breaks a little -- in the best possible way. when she makes that pitiful little face before letting out an ear-splitting wail, i can't help but laugh a little. her biggest tragedy right now is a wet diaper.

i know we can't keep it that way. i know we can't protect her from bumps and bruises and disappointment and heartache forever. and it's not that i really want a problem-free, pain-free existence for her. but if i'm being honest, i'd have to say that this time of shelter and protection and meeting her needs as perfectly as we can is really lovely. and the fact that it is so fleeting makes it all the lovelier.

but we really couldn't do it, this parenting thing, properly if we didn't have such a fantastic support system. our family, our friends, our small group, even our co-workers... they make this life path we've chosen... well... possible. because sleepless nights and diaper rash and gassy babies and crying jags (for both baby and mommy) and that all-consuming feeling of immediacy... it just gets overwhelming at times. and in those times, there's our village. a group of amazing, loving people whose hands we can trust with our little treasure.

and isn't that what life is all about? finding people and sharing life with them? and carrying one another’s hopes and sorrows and having faith when they can't find it for themselves? and bringing meals and changing diapers and taking beautiful pictures and generally helping to celebrate new life together?

yes. that’s what it’s all about.

anyhow, enough of my esoteric musings. here are some pictures to keep you company.

ain't she somethin'?

baby blue.
(taken by sarah kieffer)

this pic was taken at our welcome-to-the-world party
by our very own photographer extraordinaire,
sarah kieffer.
you should hire her. i'm serious.

addie's first trip to the apple orchard

tummy time!

so serious.

aviator baby.

addie loves daddy.

the fam.

the three heaner kids, great grandma ruth
and happy, well-loved adeline.

addie and our awesome midwives,
vanessa and jennifer.
they are like family to us.

mommy time.


adeline likes to roll with her homies:
two plush puppies we've nicknamed
spike and bowser.