Thursday, June 18, 2009


i just stole a glance at the countdown calendar + realized... *gasp* i only have 92 days left!

i felt the following emotions upon said realization in the following order:
  1. excitement -- i get to marry my favorite person on the planet in approximately three months!!! i never have to say goodnight to him + watch him drive away again. i get to see him every morning when i wake up. i get to make a home -- a real, honest-to-goodness home -- with someone (not just anyone... but MY someone).
  2. fear -- i will be getting married. marriage is a BIG DEAL. (no... really?)
  3. panic -- are the plans for the wedding sufficiently under way? am i missing something? have i got all my bases covered? i just really, really don't want anyone left holding the proverbial bag. i want everyone (me + tim included) to enjoy the day + be entirely relaxed.
  4. peace -- i know that i know that this is the right person, the right time, the right place. i love him completely. i am loved unabashedly in return. and the wedding? well, it's just a party. it's going to be great.

breathe, lisa. just breathe.


  1. oh my ged...92 days exciting!! i can't freaking wait! you're doing great and everything will be great. i love you so much sistah and am ridiculously excited for you and this chapter of your life!!!


  2. ok so I've been married for over 10 yrs but I very distinctly remember the exact feelings you just listed! I felt that familiar excited/scared/nervous/giddy knot in my stomach all over again just reading your post. Remember this, I promise it will help, something will not be perfect but the important thing is at the end of the day you leave as MRS. HEANER. Perfect is not in the lack of mistakes but in the joy of the day. My day was FAR from perfect but still entirely enjoyable bc we promised ahead of time to remember the purpose of the wedding, to leave hand in hand, heart in heart as Mr and Mrs for the rest of our lives. Love you!