Tuesday, April 21, 2009

picture time

a friend recently commented on the extreme lack of "you two" photos on our wedding blog. to which i responded, "what the heck are you talking about? there are TONS of photos of us on there." she rolled her eyes and let the matter drop.
imgine my chagrin upon further investigation. so! this is my attempt at redemption (sorry, sarah! you were right.)
this was taken literally moments after i said, "YES!"

a very, very, VERY cold day at minnehaha falls

his + hers pumpkins

at tim's cousin's wedding (congratulations, jamie + jenny!)

happy hug in autumnal appleton

the heaner siblings at thanksgiving

at tim + kelly walk's wedding -- boy, does my tim look good in a tux!

the mandatory road trip photo

gooseberry falls

lake superior in january. brr! (good thing the captain is here!)

don't mess with us! he knows kung fu!

beach hair (tim's first visit to vero beach, fl)

see? he really DOES know kung fu. or at least has the outfit.

my first visit to ohio as tim's girlfriend

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