Monday, December 7, 2009

lazy sundays

yesterday was lovely.

tim + i decided to be heathens for the day. we skipped church, slept in + generally indulged our need to just be together. no appointments, no dinner plans, no interruptions... just us in our little apartment... enjoying each other on a sunny december sunday.

on our last date night, we went and got our first christmas tree. it was such a perfect evening. we went to the most unromantic place possible to pick out our tree: the home depot. but it was a slow night there. so we pretty much had the store (and the tree lot) to ourselves. it was snowing, those big, quiet flakes that fall so slowly you can almost see them dancing, and the orange-y parking lot lights made it seem like we were in a really huge snow globe.

the tree lot attendants were so adorable when we told them that it was our first tree. they cut off a little bit of the trunk for a "fresh cut" and saved the little cutting for us. they said we should make an ornament of it... isn't that the cutest? good grief... it's the home depot!

anyhow, we decided to wait to decorate the tree until we had a little more time to really enjoy it.

so, on sunday, after a leisurely breakfast, i turned on some christmas tunes, made some hot cocoa + we were off. it was really fun to dig out all the old ornaments, passed to us from our loving moms. i have one of those "baby's first christmas" ones from 1978, a glitter-bespangled wooden star of david that i made in kindergarten, a hollowed-out egg with papier mache all over it (probably made in my brownies/girl scout days), and a noodle angel. tim had this gorgeous hand-blown glass tree topper. and i have to say, our tree is just perfect. it's short + fat + full of all the wonder-filled memories of christmases past. tim + i laughed + told stories + laughed some more.

after tree decorating, we did some thank you notes (still working on them from the wedding -- we're such slackers!), some laundry, some dishes, some cooking... i started work on some christmas gifts that i'm sewing. we snuggled up on the couch + watched part of the very depressing vikings game. and we finished up season 4 of lost. yes. we're addicts.

and then, to end the day of luxuriation in style, i took a very, very long, very, very hot shower.

it was a perfect sunday. perfect.

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