Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oops! i did it again...

or, more precisely, i didn't do it... again.
it's been months since my last post. i always have the best of intentions. then i get busy, or what have you... weeks pass. then i have this sense that my next post had better be something really special to make up for the weeks + weeks of not writing anything at all. it's a defeatist cycle, really.
so, here i am, with nothing cool to say. no cool pictures. nada.

i have some fun birthday stuff to share (tim was 28 on the 28th of february - i turned 32 yesterday). but i have actual pictures to add to those, so i'll hold off.

mostly, i want to note a few small things:

1) i've discovered a new artist: lenka. love. her.
2) i also love the advent of 40 degree temperatures in minnesota. people (including me) pull out their toeless shoes, ditch the parkas + drive with the windows down. it's pure bliss.
3) went out for sushi + local funk music the other night with a girlfriend. i think that might be one of the best (and least expected) awesome combos ever. i'm just sayin'.

4) NYC guidebooks make for fun reading. it's like diving into the oxford english dictionary... way more information than a single brain could ever hope to hold, but lovely for that same reason.

okay... more soon. i promise!


  1. yay heaners!
    i love yous guys. isaac and tim are 1 year and 10 days apart. just thought we could celebrate that fact. haha! also, happy 32, lisa!!!
    i can't wait to see you one day again!
    love livvy

  2. Hey, I didn't even know you blogged! Found you thru Steph's blog.
    We MISS you guys! You and Tim are super cool. PLEASE come and see us soon.
    Kevin Dedmon is coming to Zion June 4-6. I know Shawn and Joy Ercoli are coming down for it. You guys should come.
    for details.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hey!

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....