Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the verdict is in.

we had a "secret" ultrasound last week...

"secret" because we didn't want to get people's (read: our moms') hopes up just in case little baby heaner decided to keep us in suspense yet again.

well, LBH (little baby heaner) was a teensy bit more cooperative this time. the doctor who did it has been doing ultrasounds for 36 years and he said he was staking his good name on the fact that we'll be having a:

(that's not my tummy -- i'm only 6 months along, for goodness sakes! -- just thought it was a cute image)

yes. it's a girl. we couldn't be happier. bring on the frilly dresses and cute bonnets!

in other news: we're closing on our house tomorrow, so we'll have updates for you on that very soon.

much love to all.

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