Friday, July 31, 2009

just because it's friday...

i thought i'd post some lovelies to celebrate the end of the longest week in the history of the world. good grief, i'm glad it's friday!


okay... so, normally i'm opposed to cutting up perfectly good books.
but some of mine are beginning to show mold spots.
this would be a lovely way to repurpose them
rather than just throwing them away.
plus, come on... seriously?
books + plants = gorgeous
the most adorable garden stationery suite i've ever seen.
+ wouldn't that butterfly bouquet be PERFECT for a flower girl?
* sigh *
so lovely + whimsical.
i love the shapeliness + simplicity of the vases + the white
so airy.

original cake ideas rock.

this is tim's IDEAL wedding cake.
such a fun idea!

trees are old friends.
wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to pull something like this off
at an indoor venue?
long, swirly veils = love

this is going to be us in less than a month + a half!
happy weekend!!!


  1. I love the butterfly bouquet. And the pic at the end is great! You are the idea bank for weddings! Maybe you should be a wedding planner!

  2. lisa...let's talk about the tree idea. we could maybe figure something out. - rach