Wednesday, July 22, 2009

our first home

well... it's official. we have a place to live. (she releases the breath she'd been holding since the first of july)

we spent all of last week and some of the previous one looking. and looking. and looking. we found some gems + some real dives. but this was our favorite... and will become our first home together.

it's at the southeast corner of 23rd + dupont. north minneapolis is not my favorite part of the city, strictly speaking. but, honestly, our neighborhood is a little pocket of goodness in the heart of the dodgy side of town.

so... let me tell you about all the awesomeness that is encapsulated in our soon-to-be nest. front porch (i'm getting a porch swing!), fenced-in back deck (read: grill that won't be stolen), 1-car garage, free laundry (heck yessss), dishwasher, sweet woodwork, fireplace, french doors on the bedroom, newly remodeled bathroom, a backyard with space for a garden, wood floors, big picture windows... it's my dream place. i just completely love it.

here are some pictures. i can't wait to get all our stuff moved in. the super sweetest part of all is that i'll get to live there for six weeks before the wedding + before tim moves in. six weeks to make it a home for us. i'm so excited!

this is from the living room, looking into the dining room.
the entry is to the left (not pictured).
the bedroom is just off the dining room (on the left wall).
the kitchen is directly through the doorway on the far wall.
this is looking into the dining room from the bedroom.
the bathroom is through the bedroom on the left wall.
(not pictured)
kitchen with dishwasher + exposed brick.
love it!
on the wall opposite to the dining room
is a little sun room that will become
our office/guest bedroom.
this is our bathroom.
it's tiny, but gorgeous.
there are all these little "nooks" that are tiled into the wall.
the shower/bathtub is tiled floor to ceiling.
the owner did a really nice job of remodeling it.
so... there you have it! your own mini-tour of our new place. i'm planning more than a few dinner parties in the months following the wedding, so you'll have to come over + see it in person.


  1. It's completely great and beautiful. So excited for you (and a wee bit jealous...but only a little=)! Can't wait to see it in person!


  2. in the event that I miss the wedding, I will plan a weekend away to stay in your first guest room and spend every second talking and talking and talking some more! It is truly beautiful, congrats!

  3. the place looks really sweet! I'd keep a gun handy though.