Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a little catching up to do

sooo much has been happening. too much to blog about in the moment. as a result, we will subject you to a series of flashback-style posts to get you all up to date on the heaner family happenings.

we took a spur-of-the-moment trip to appleton, which is where lisa spent many of the happiest moments of her childhood, and (perhaps not coincidentally) the majority of the kieffer cousins live(d). adam + sarah + family were also in appleton at the time. so we had a truncated version of a kieffer cousins reunion at uncle john + aunt colette's place. the kieffer bros were in attendance, along with the always lovely abby. and we played some of the most hilarious rounds of "he said, she said" that have ever been played.

evidence of the somewhat twisted hilarity:

this is adam's "i can't believe you just said that!" face
and how cute is abby in her hat?
table-pounding funniness.

cousin adam vs. the unstoppable uncle joe
(joe, joe, supercool joe)

tim inhaling his watermelon
next to grandpa kieffer carefully cutting his pizza

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  1. OK, so I am insanely jealous about missing the most amazing Kieffer HS/SS ever! We'll just have to play at the big party. Those pictures are fabulous!!
    Love Livvy!