Friday, March 13, 2009


The story of how I came to ask for Lisa Kieffer's hand in marriage...

I learned some things about Lisa early in our dating relationship.
1. Lisa really likes books
2. Lisa loves maps
3. Lisa loves to receive letters
I stored this away in my mind. When we had been dating for about 3 months I saw a beautiful hard cover leather bound journal.
I had this idea: I should buy this and write letters to Lisa in it to give her later. Although I did not know at that point that we would get married I cut out a spot in the pages for a ring to fit.

>>Fast Forward>> to February, 2009.

I spoke with both of Lisa's parents in the 2 weeks leading up to the day. It was the most excruciating thing to have to hold my feelings of excitement and joy inside after they both gave their permission and blessing for me to marry their daughter.

I already had some ideas about how to propose. Now I just needed to fine tune them. I had a couple days off of school earlier in the week so I researched bookstores in Minneapolis. I found one which she had been to. I found another one, a tiny hole in the wall shop that sells old books, maps and art prints as well as photos of old buildings. I was so excited to take her there. I was really hoping she had not been there before.

Friday February 20, 2009-
Our 2 year anniversary. We went out to a fancy restaurant in Minneapolis and talked and enjoyed the evening baking brownies at her appartment. Then, the following morning I picked her up at 10 to celebrate our anniversary. I had a secret list of places to take her. We went out for brunch at The Egg and I in Uptown where we have gone on numerous dates. It was wonderful to just relax and talk and eat a great breakfast. Then we went to a bookstore, and a stationary/paper store both of which she had been to before. In between each destination I would tell her to close her eyes so I could look at the secret list so I could see where we were going next.

-Side Note-
I wrote the list because I have a bad memory and I was so nervous leading up to the day I didn't want to forget where to go. I had butterflies and tornadoes and rollercoasters in my stomach for the whole week before. I wanted the day to be perfect.

Next we went to the tiny bookstore she had never been to before, Whitney Books and Prints, in Minneapolis. She absolutely loved it! I was so proud to have found such a great place she had never been. She would have stayed all day if she could.

I had remained calm and collected all day up untill this point: We left the bookstore to go to Uncommon Grounds in Uptown, where we had our first date. When we arrived I scoped out the coffee shop and was relieved that it was mostly empty. I was terribly nervous as I carried our drinks to the table. I thought I would spill the drinks and burn myself..

After we had talked for a bit and sipped our drinks we decided it was time to open our anniversary gifts to eachother. I opened mine first. It was wonderful. In the gift was a list of 30 things that Lisa wanted in a husband, along with a card telling me that I was ALL of those things. And then some! It was an amazing gift and I felt so loved, appreciated and valued.

Then, I gave her my gift. The book. Wrapped in a map. As she opened it and saw what it was she started crying. I knew that she knew what was in the book. Not the ring mind you, but letters filled with my thoughts and feelings about her. Dreams and hopes, memories of us. I asked her if I could read a couple entries to her. I untied the string holding it shut and opened it to the first bookmark. I read 2 entries to her that expressed how I see her. That I am amazed every time I discover something new about Lisa. My heart jumps when I hear her voice.

Then I turned to the second bookmark. I turned the book around so she could see the ring inside the pages. Stepping into the isle I got down on my knee and asked her. Lisa Dawnelle Kieffer, will you marry me? She was bawling, surprised and glowing, she kissed my mouth and then said yes.

I was on top of the world

Some of my deepest hopes and dreams are comming true. I am engaged to an amazing girl! I admire the way she loves people. She takes time to listen and ask questions. She loves and values children. She cares and nurtures with the heart of God.

I am honored and humbled that Lisa wants to spend her life with me. Learning and growing. Walking though lifes joys and sorrows. Growing old and learning to love God, eachother and people. I am simply blown away.



  1. i am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. i love you.

  2. Tim, by the time I got to the bottom of the page, I couldn't see it anymore. It was all blurry. Thank you for loving one of my dearest friends so well.

    P.S. You know how your heart jumps when you hear her voice? That won't ever change...

  3. Oh my how heart-warming this is! Lisa, I am so happy that God has blessed you with a wonderfull, loving man - you deserve him!
    And Tim, you are so blessed to have Lisa, she was born a Darling and she still is. Sooo tenderhearted.
    I got happy chills!!!
    Aunt Linda

  4. I couldn't agree more Abbey! Tim, you are everything God knew Lisa needed. My heart rejoices that the two of you will become one in this life.

  5. Tim, what a romantic and thoughtful courtship and proposal. So perfect for Lisa. And I think that you "do your mum proud" by this bit of good writing! Congratulations on your wonderful girl!

  6. What a dream come true. You both deserve the best. Congrats!

  7. Seriously, you two! So sweet and lovely and romantic and "precious and priceless and fascinating and winsome"!