Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cake + dessert ideas

i must be hungry today... because all i can think about is what to have at our dessert smorgasbord.

i do want SOME healthy items...

but we definitely need candy.
i mean, this IS tim heaner's wedding.

mmm... snickerdoodles are my favorite cookie
courtesy of wedding warrior, mary nelson

cookies courtesy of wedding warriors
rachel heaner, robbie lewis, and many, many others

fresh apple pie
with grandma kools' crust recipe
you just can't beat it
trying to be healthy-ish

i can't wait to make my first
peach-blackberry trifle

round little brownies
with raspberries or mint

cheesecake courtesy of wedding warrior, emily short

this is called hummingbird cake
so good it makes you hum
courtesy of wedding warrior, rachel cushing
carrot cake is my favorite cake

coconut cake runs a close second
courtesy of wedding warrior, rachel cushing

ooey, gooey cream puffs
you'll need a napkin or three for these

flourless chocolate goodness
for all my gluten-free people
courtesy of wedding warrior
(and honor corps captain)
bridgitte showell
oh wow. i just can't wait to see all the sugared-up kiddos running around. tim will be chief amongst them.
only 39 days, my friends!


  1. ummm...I think I'm just making the carrot cake and coconut cake right? Do you want me to make the hummingbird cake too? - Rach

  2. Lisa, you rock!! Thanks for thinking of the gluten-free peeps like me. :)

    If you like, I'd be happy to make a gluten-free cake! Let me know.