Tuesday, August 25, 2009

twenty five + counting

yeesh. i can hardly believe i'm typing that.

twenty. five. days.

the time has gone by so fast. but so slowly, at the same time. i'm ready to be married. i could skip the getting married part right now. mainly because i am aching for a daily life that isn't packed with a trillion little decisions + detail upon detail to take care of. i want to go to work + come home + actually have an evening in which i have nothing planned, nothing on the to-do list, nothing spinning in the back of my mind, demanding attention from an already overly crammed brain. when i can sit on the front porch with a cup of tea + a book, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood... just me + the quiet.

and tim, of course. in this fantasy life, he would be sitting next to me with a book of his own, or working on something in the garage. near. comfortable. at home together.

don't get me wrong: i have loved nearly every second of our engagement. it's been so fun seeing all my ideas come to life. seeing God provide + astound us with His imagination + ingenuity. seeing my friends + family gather 'round in support + joy.

one of the projects i'm currently working on is my veil. i decided (perhaps a little optimistically) to make my own. it's going to be really simple -- just a drop veil (pics below). but i'm still a tad nervous about it. if anyone has suggestions about how to make it happen... feel free to leave comments.

in the meanwhile, keep on counting. i know i am!

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  1. I am broken hearted to comment that I won't be able to make it out after all :( but maybe I can plan a trip out in the spring where we can spend every minute of a weekend catching up. I love you and I'll keep counting with you even though I won't be counting for me!