Tuesday, August 18, 2009

things i love about tim

1) he loves kung fu.
2) he has mad guitar skills.
3) he can leap tall retaining walls in a single bound.
4) he is gentle + strong.
5) he is flippin' hilarious.
6) his beautiful hands.
7) the way he laughs at himself when he thinks he's being funny.
8) he has the grossest he said/she said ideas. ever.
9) his honesty + transparency.
10) the way he so intentionally loves me.
11) he doesn't like to do the same thing over + over.
12) he likes to eat the food i make + finishes what's left on my plate.
13) that he plants + grows flowers to give to me.
14) he is a safe driver. (i'm serious -- i LOVE this about him)
15) he makes plans + follows through.
16) the way he looks at me when he thinks i don't notice.
17) kids flock to him -- they know he's safe + that he's genuinely interested in each one of them.
18) he's genuinely interested in any person that's open + honest.
19) he likes parties. i hate them. but i love that he likes them.
20) his spikey handwriting.
21) the way his skin smells.
22) the sound of his heartbeat.
23) when he gets punchy late at night + says the most ridiculous things.
24) that there's no discomfort in the silence.
25) i can say anything to him. anything.

i'm going to stop now... because i don't want everyone to start gagging. but, gosh... i love that guy. i love him so much.


  1. I only gagged a little. But it sure is sweet.

  2. I gagged corn and peanuts. But it's sweet corn and spicy peanuts.

  3. I am just thinking back to 3 years or so ago and the interesting journey God had you on. I knew he had someone just for you. It is great to watch you so in love (yes I am a bit of a lurker). I cried at the shower, and may cry at your wedding...just warning you! love ya Jill