Wednesday, May 13, 2009


as of last night, tim + i are the proud owners of two tickets to paradise. tim did all the research + planning (that's my boy!). as of 9:30-ish on the morning of 9/21/09, we will be on our way to molokai!

also, i have to say that i did not expect to enjoy planning a wedding as much as i have (and am!). working on a tight budget only makes it more fun... because it means being even more imaginative.

i've had much help + support so far. BIG HUGE THANKS goes to janell roth. she is a genius + has helped me flesh out my ideas. she's also been fantastically tactful when i've suggested something completely ridiculous or tacky. i am so blessed by her friendship + willingness to share her ideas + time.

more BIG HUGE THANKS goes to tim for being so long-suffering + chill as i have changed ideas about thirty thousand times. this is the difference between introverts + extraverts: if tim were planning the wedding, he would gather + sort ideas quietly, in his own head for weeks + weeks + weeks. then when he finally had everything settled, budgeted, + arranged, he would talk about carrying out said plans. i, on the other hand, feel the need to discuss every. single. idea. ever. possible. as it occurs to me. out loud. but tim has been a major trooper, + therefore, deserves major props. i give them willingly. you rock, baby!

yet more BIG HUGE THANKS goes to my honor corps of wedding engineers: bridgitte, melody + kimberly, who act excited about everything (even if they couldn't care less), who are supportive beyond reckoning of my flights of whimsy + imagination, who are amazing friends + sisters, all. i love you, ladies!

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