Wednesday, May 13, 2009

some more lovelies

i've been finding FANTASTIC ideas online. places like,,,
+ my personal fave

i thought i would share some of them. even if i don't use them in my wedding... they're just too gorgeous -- hafta spread the love.

umm... hello?
what a simple, inexpensive + completely ingenious idea!

there's something so soothing + lovely about candlelight.
i appreciate the mismatched lanterns
on the shepherd's hooks.

what is it about muted colors and beautifully bound books?

i like that the stem part
(i'm sure there's a really snooty official word for this,
i just don't happen to know it)
of the bouquet above is so slender.
not a fan of the bouquets that feel like
you're carrying a football.

not a slender stemmy-bouquet-thingy.
but i adore the embroidered handkerchief.

i'm not sure if i've made it clear that we're back to an evening wedding.
7 p.m.
you can now mark your calendars in ink.
we're going to do the reception right at the church. i had thought about trying to do it at some really cool loft or art studio in northeast, but the expense + the time commitment for the attendees were major deterrents.
we are still planning on a humongous dessert buffet.
none of the pictures below quite capture what i'm thinking of,
but they give the gist.

i'm open to new thoughts and ideas. or tweaks on what i'm showing you.
let me know if you've seen something totally wonderful.
i LOVE brainstorming!!!


  1. All of these things are so gorgeous!! What a lovely wedding this will be... we're so glad to be photographing it!!

  2. I love the first one as creative! All of them are..something I envy in people. Wish I had more time to be creative or atleast had a creative gene. We had someone make our flowers..we had silk flowers. They aren't as nice as real ones, but I still have my bouquet :). I think many people will spend thousands of dollars on the wedding but never invest in the marriage. I think that is ridiculous. But weddings are fun as long as you don't turn into a Good luck on all of this. I know it can be quite stressful. I told my mother in law that I'd much rather birth children than plan a was sooooo stressful!

  3. Make sure you have layers and layers of layer cake!!!