Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hot, sunny days = pent up creativity

it's a beautiful day in minneapolis. sunny + 85 (it was 30 three nights ago).

i want to be outside. by a lake. on a blanket. drawing or reading. sunglasses at the ready (to reduce the white-paged glare that often disturbs the outdoor reading/writing/drawing thing).

instead, i'm auditing claim after claim in a stuffy office building. the office atmosphere isn't stuffy... just the air in the building. i am grateful to have a job. but... there are honestly days where i'd rather be doing anything else.

so to stave off i'm-stuck-at-the-office blues, i'm posting some ideas that i stumbled upon during the weekend. hope you enjoy!

i really like the color scheme + bell jars. the old clock is adorable.
yummy summer-y treats!

i think i'll do something akin to the image on the left
with the tall cocktail tables at my reception.
though, i'll use a different color ribbon...
vegetables as centerpieces = genius


my friend, abbey, sent me this photo + the next
of some lovely summer arrangements she made.

love, love.

love, love, love, love...


  1. hold up wait a minute, don't go there cuz I'm not with it....did Abbey do the very last picture too?! That is freaking adorable! I must know how she did them, if indeed she did them. I love the cocktail table idea...so pretty. - Rachel

  2. no... the last one is from a magazine or something. i just COMPLETELY love them!

    and aren't abbey's flowers just gorgeous? they make me sigh every time i look at them.