Tuesday, May 5, 2009


inspiration is everywhere. you just need to look for it.

for me, in planning this wedding, inspiration had been hard to come by. originally, i was thinking of going sort of asian-themed. tim + i both love kung fu + asian food. the clean lines + simplicity of asian design really appealed to my aesthetic sense.

but the more i tried to make the picture fit, the more it felt unnatural. i couldn't capture the essence of "us." i really wanted to incorporate family history. i wanted the wedding to feel unique. not so much like a one-time event as a visual + sensory expression of our relationship, past, present + future.

i have a friend named janell chan who is a complete genius when it comes to making beautiful weddings happen. she lives in california, so i started picking her brain via email. we decided to ditch the green, ditch the asian + go for something more "historic" in feel.

i started looking online and found inspiration in the pictures below. enjoy the preview!


  1. Nice. It definetly feels like 'you'. I especially like the newspaper butterflies and birds. Those might also look cool in Winter's room...

  2. Agreed...feels much more solid, grounded, real...like you guys. Heck, you could get married in jeans and T Shirts at a judge and it would still be beautiful to me, so I know this new direction will be breath taking. Seriously.can.not.wait. (Rach)

  3. Oooo, white flowers! I was thinking,"white flowers"!